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Bizdrive Business Development is a non-profit company

Business Growth

We help businesses to grow and meet the standard


We have a vision of transforming businesses to the next level


Transfering  business skills and knowledge among young entrepreneurs

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Bizdrive Business  Development  is  a  non-profit  company  founded by young and brilliant minds of black professionals with abundance of qualifications and knowledge from various economic sectors, with solitary and voluntary intention of ploughing back to communities. In doing so elevating poverty, income inequalities and unemployment.We  addresses  the  small  business  daily  challenges, needs  and  gives them extra edge to survive, sustain,  build  infrastructure, employ and  prosper.  The  intention  is  to  make  a  positive difference to the everyday life of the small entrepreneurs and business owners through engagements, mentorship,  coaching training and other business development strategies.

Bizdrive management team is composed of young professionals with vast qualifications and work  experience from multiple economic sectors, which serve as a huge investment to the business community that they seek to serve. A team works closely with team of business industry experts whose main objectives are to give strategic guidance, directives and encouragements.

Our Mission

To facilitate all private and public participants towards economic growth through engagements, mentorship, coaching, training and other business development strategies.

Our Objectives

To assist and support SMME’s to enter the mainstream of the economy;

To lobby and advocate the interest of the SMME community

To promote broad-based black economic empowerment;

To unlock enterprise development and procurement opportunities in the private and public sector;

To engage with key stakeholders such as banks, insurers and big companies for mentoring and support;

To assist SMEs with competitiveness, innovation, continental and global expansion;

To create other entities that will add value in changing the lives of our Society.

To provide a platform to showcase and encourage the development of small businesses.

To stimulate and encourage networking amongst small business owners.

To provide small business owners with access to training, workshop, seminars and information that will aid them in the growth of their business.

To provide small business owners with a platform to access valuable information.

To provide a vigorous meeting forum for all business professionals.

We offer annual events as major platforms to engage on small business challenges gather practical advice and useful resources   to drive practical solution.